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  1. Harp is shite :D just kidding AO/El Maq visiting the old neighborhood and thought to say hello

    1. redman25


      Alright lad what's the craic with ye?

  2. Just watching Galloway's programme Sputnik on RT - they have a guy on who is attempting to produce a film which will expose the Corporate takeover of the British NHS. Here's a link to the trailer - https://www.startjoin.com/NHS_SellOff
  3. ha ha funny fucker lol

  4. did ye hear all those bottles smashing in Liverpool last night. Im in Glasgow and i heard them from here mucker lol

  5. http://www.documentaries4u.com/ http://yourworldnews.org/blog/
  6. Sorry to bother you, but as an ignorant 'Northerner', I was hoping you could reccommend a good alternative news source for events happening in the free state. Don't want to be getting my info from sources such as RTE etc. Thought you would be a good person to ask, cheers.

  7. nope...long time ago now fs lol

    1. cat-dog


      haha thats the last time i talked to you was when u were a spark

    2. cat-dog


      haha that must be well over a year or 2 since i talked to you then

  8. Ok, still unemployed, but I'm doing a history/politics course which could see me into University. Don't have a clue what I want to do when I get there though lol

    1. cat-dog


      are u not a spark any more ?

  9. Fuck all, what have u been up to

    1. cat-dog


      You know me ive being real busy

    2. cat-dog


      so hows things with your self ?

  10. Or is it 32eire?

    1. cat-dog


      no its not 32 . its beep beep were in the jeep

    2. cat-dog
  11. Excuse my ignorance, but where is the Belfast unemployed resource centre?
  12. Suarez would have been gone a long time ago. Yes unfortunately a chara its the same for every club, a lot to be said for the gaa amateur structure, unfortunately impossible for football being a worldwide sport.

  13. Yip, I can only imagine what Shanks would have done to disloyal players like Suarez.....I think he would be absolutely appalled at the way football is nowadys, that includes Liverpool of course unfortunately

  14. Yeah looking forward to reading it, should be a refreshing read against the current modern football going ons

  15. Yes I was aware of that book it's on my list! David peace is suppossed to be an excellent writer.