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  1. Post deleted? Just out of curiosity what was the replay I seen the notifacation.

    1. Mellows1922


      I didn't delete anything ? what thread

  2. Came back to this for the first time in months. If this forum was bad before, it's far worse now. Full of green nationalists and conspiracy theorists.

    1. Astrix


      This place is a depressingly realistic representation of what's happening on the streets. Its ok for news but don't expect any theory.

    2. Cogsy (M-L)

      Cogsy (M-L)

      If that's the case I'm really upset this madness is infecting republicanism. At least yourself and the IRSP are there to challenge it.

    3. Che1916


      Don't worry.Cael will move on to something else soon enough...

  3. I've been off the fourm for a few months and the debate has drastically changed on here as in "wheres the Left political and theoretical stuff that used to happen?

    1. Mellows1922


      it's pretty much evaporated, just the same arguments regurgitated over and over

    2. Astrix


      Where did they all go?

  4. And a load from the Strabane Trades Union Council.
  5. Just a wee bump for this folks, worthy event, nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
  6. Yeah lovely people, traitors, but lovely people. lol
  7. They'd love that, I can imagine their face,both of em. lol
  8. Sinn Féin hypocrisy concerning unions revealed "This Ard fheis Congratulates SIPTU on its Fair Hotels campaign and calls on all Sinn Fein members and supporters to use Fair hotels where possible, we also call on all other trade unions in Ireland to advertise the names of shops/businesses that are Unionised so that people who would prefer to do their business with unionised staff can easily do so." - motion passed at SF Ard Fheis 2011 January 2013 - SF hold conference in non-union hotel in Dublin. April 2013 – SF Ard Fheis to be held in Castlebar hotel also not listed as a Fair Hotel
  9. ah ffs a_r ya always have to take it to far.
  10. I never doubted you for one second comrade! That wee paragraph will come in handy over the next few months muhahahahahahaha
  11. How dare you, have you got a link for that unsubstantiated allegation
  12. From a member of Fair Hotels, Sinn Fein were contacted before today's conference about moving to a hotel that treated staff fairly but they proceeded anyway. Fair Hotels Campaign (www.fairhotels.ie) contacted Sinn Fein today to raise objection & were told the issue would be raise with organisers. Hospitality workers facing HUGE battle this year to re-establish their ERO. All progressive organisations have a responsibility to tell the employers in the industry that not paying the rates & conditions won't be tolerated. http://www.fairhotels.ie/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/LookLeft-Magazine/113777231983918 No I didn't report them a chara but one of the threads in question was closed, moderated, then reopened.
  13. Mellows just did a chara. I think with the amount of unsubstantiated shite that's been left up here about the Irps over the last few days pulling this up is petty?
  14. Yous are getting a fair bit of flack for it tbh.
  15. Fair Hotels Ireland contacted Sinn Fein in relation to moving this weekends conference to a Hotel that treated their workers fairly, Sinn Fein refused. Its nice Sinn Fein can roll out the "red carpet" when it suits in relation to the Lockout yet cannot practice holding its events in unionized Hotels? Lip service, or an oversight a chara?