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  1. Thatcher could not believe Airey was blown up to the fairy's- and she broke down crying- spectacular INLA operation-
  2. Sinn Fein Then- Still Sinn Fein today-
  3. The PSNI are today's Black and Tans-Lol--
  4. Hardly Casements fault -
  5. I think it would have cost a million or so allied lives to take over Japan without going the Atomic way-after years of losing millions fighting Japan the Nazis- Italy etc- it was the one sure American bloodless-( not Japanese-)- way to win and I am sure Truman made that decision without losing to much sleep- sure there could have hit less populated areas etc but what was done was done- ( did not think the US had to bomb the second city with the atomic blast-that was just over-kill-)-
  6. Proud of those fighting men and women from the 50s who fought against all the odds-
  7. I always remember the pictures of this event and trying to read up about the background to it- both Nazi and Brits opened fire on the demonstrators that day-another black day for empire rule-
  8. He Did not outlive President Obama who he made the deal with despite the American colonial army in Cuban territory-
  9. Do you worry about the end to see a foreign army off your shore-( the American army in Cuba ?? are counter revolutionaries-)-
  10. Fidel won his Revolution and he beat the American invasion at the bay of pigs- medical treatment in Cuba is first class but the one fly in the ointment-( in my view-)-was the American base at Guantanamo bay-on Cuban soil- I think the American army should have been forcibly removed from Cuban soil instead of sending Che etc to fight in Bolivia he should have been put in charge of removing the American army fron Cuba-
  11. X PLO stockpiles that were captured when the organisation was forced out of south Lebanon in 82- different arms dealers were mentioned but there is no doubt that the Israeli Goverment / South African government was behind it in retaliation for what the RA was doing in the late 70s early 80s when they helped the ANC on a few operations- and supporting the PLO- That javelin shorts yarn and the robbery in portadown was raised to help cover up Israeli / South African white government approval for the slaughter of Catholics in Ireland-
  12. I am reading a book at the moment-( Joe Hill ' The Fireman ' ?-Stephen kings son is the writer and this is where he got his writing name from )- great book by the way-
  13. No compromise No complaining No other way to do it- RIP Comrade-most of his old unit were killed- they died for all of us-
  14. Harry had a topic about Sankara a few years ago on here if memory serves-
  15. The Brits shot our political leader in early 84- the RA retaliated and tried to take out the Brit political leader in late 84-that's War-