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  1. I see Saoradh are endorsing it, who is organising it? Is this National Republican Commemoration Committee an umbrella group? an independent group or a front group? Wasn't there a group of a similar name aligned to Eirigi a while back?
  2. are the IRSP working with the IRPWA on this? If the 32CSM, RNU and RSF are invited I'm sure they'll come.
  3. Folks i know its short notice notice but an interesting lecture tonight organised by independent non aligned reppublicans in the South Armagh area, come along:
  4. No, the provos did that.
  5. I attended the similar event in Newry last Monday, wall well attended and thyere was a lot of unease in the room, Mickey Brady MLA was there but in all hoinesty didn't seem to know what was happening and was more interested in protecting his own reputation vis a vis welfare work than his party's. Bunting spoke very well as did a number of people from the floor. Quite a few oul sticks there, they haven't gone away you know.
  6. Great stuff, might be an idea to invite them all.
  7. Great idea, would you welcome other organisations turning up to give you a hand?
  8. yeah, think some RNU heads going to that too.
  9. In Newry on the main street two shops are located right next door to the banks, implication being, if you get no satisfaction in the bank pop in here, parasites.
  10. Picketing is limited in what it can do unless it is ongoing but at least it is awareness raising. There is a mentality that prevails among some republicans that we shouldn't bother with "that oul shite, we'll deal with all that when the war is over" thankfully more and more are coming to the revolutionary republican analysis that national liberation and socialism are two sides of the one coin.
  11. Doesn't matter, i am sure RNU, IRSP and Eirigi will be there, this type of issue is right up their collective strasse.
  12. Great stuff, thats the RNU, IRSP and now Ciaran who is a member of the 1916 societies i think, grassroots unity around these issues are vital.
  13. Who has arranged this? is it Ciaran himself?
  14. Really?? fair enough, i think Tommy is Lower falls.