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  1. Great thread Aoibhe, I really enjoyed reading that.
  2. I think it was a bit more than 15 years ago
  3. I wish I had of thought of that
  4. Any chance of a bit of information on Sankara?
  5. Just like the rank hypocrisy showing by the Free Staters before them about the Provisional
  6. Came across this here, I think it's aimed at you haha - http://www.metalsucks.net/2014/09/23/defense-nu-metal/

    1. easterngael


      hahaha here I don't question anyone in the nu metal scenes ability to play or how they look I can hardly judge I just think most of what they churn out it shit, I grew up listening to Iron Maiden along side Limp Bizket and System and a few other nu metal bands and I still wouldn't call them bad by any stretch.. but the rest of the genre is awful, same with deathcore screamo and any of that bollocks its just not for me lol so they can defend it all they want it doesnt change how it sounds to me   

  7. I suppose that was the master plan all along? Clown
  8. I see the clowns in the Shankill have managed to set a house on fire tonight, fucking eejits.
  9. I always wondered what was with the Italian surnames in Belfast that was great reading, thanks!
  10. A minute silence held for Bloody Sunday and for those killed in Paris last week as the RTE commentary commented, inextricably linking the two together as terrible acts of terrorism.
  11. here man we cant have you running around with a Korn avatar thinking its alright lol 

    1. deeman1916
    2. easterngael


      Thats the fvcking job haha they played here bout 3 weeks ago and i missed them :/ 

  12. Ag gáire ós ard

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    2. an seabhac dubh

      an seabhac dubh

      Constantly at it, im going to stay out your way in the gt for a spell too

    3. easterngael


      Maith thu! nice one ya should give me a shout if your up for a few drinks some of the days.   was actually thinking of going to a gaeltacht myself 

    4. an seabhac dubh

      an seabhac dubh

      Booking for end of March!

  13. well cara what's the times for bloody Sunday march? needa know for busses etc lol

    1. westerngael
    2. easterngael


      usless lol let us know if ya find out

    3. westerngael
  14. The BBC has commissioned a new sitcom set in France under Muslim occupation. It's called Allah Allah.

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    2. easterngael


      were would ya get a hezbollah fleg lol Army of God ftw

    3. westerngael


      Leave it with me, i'll see what I can do!

    4. easterngael


      Some operators them boys reading about them all day buts the IRA to shame lol

  15. My wife keeps dropping hints about a sexy gift she wants. "It begins with 'D' and ends in 'O' .. and it fits snugly in there", she winked as she pointed suggestively at her crotch. I said, "Where the fuck am I gonna find a didgeridoo?"