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  1. i throught the free staters paid him off the second time.
  2. 35 years ago.
  3. Wyatt earp also had Irish roots as did emmett Dalton one of the wild bunch.
  4. Why the statue of mary?....do these eejits not even know their own religious beliefs. I realise that protestants regard statues as idols and that they dont regard mary in the same respect as catholics,but they do share the same belief as her being the mother of chirst.... I mean how stupid can you be.a very backward people indeed.
  5. Thats actually a great site,cheers.
  6. muslim...Christians and Jews ...all worship the same God Mick.
  7. basically Connolly thinks that there are neo nazi masquerading as republicans on thiss site and is trying to use their own logic against them.
  8. careful MC if you disagree with Connolly you'll be labelled a neo nazi
  9. you go sort them out sure....your the last true republican left.
  10. Here we go again.....with Tiny tears and his tantrums
  11. He's being a smart arse and trying to make a point....
  12. you really have a hardon for cael dont ya.